About Taylor Strategic Partnerships


Lisa Anne Thompson Taylor, CGT

CEO and Founder

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Chris Morris

Senior Governance Consultant

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Elliott Bales
Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Board Development

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Michelle Beiga

Senior Consultant - Human Resources

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Michael Williams
Senior Consultant - Media Relations & Journalism

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Linda Snell, CGT, SPP

Senior Consultant – Governance and Strategic Planning

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Eve Nguyen

TSP Finance Manager

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TSP’s mission is to elevate the nonprofit sector through innovative and creative solutions to governance, management and philanthropic practices.  Our solutions bridge the gap between NGOs and the private sector in key areas such as management practices, production efficiencies and ability to scale (grow) products and services.


TSP brings extensive hands-on technical experience with years of nonprofit development and ‘best practices’ governance implementation, aiding clients with strategic design, cultural well-being ,capacity building, and expert evaluation of compliance, leadership coaching, fundraising and risk mitigation initiatives.

Working with a broad scope of organizations across many sectors, TSP serves to move them from a slow growth, philanthropy-focused approach to one that embraces the full spectrum of social enterprise, impact investing, venture philanthropy and corporate citizenship.

TSP has been the architect of numerous campaigns for change and social innovation projects in areas ranging from affordable housing, community development health, youth development and animal welfare, corporate social responsibility, community development and humanitarian relief.

TSP also leads workshops and provides one-on-one coaching and consultation supporting executives and managers in their role as catalysts for change around responsible business practice.


TSP is a highly effective consulting practice comprised of credentialed, senior practitioners encompassing a variety of specialties in nonprofit governance, operations and management.  As such, we are able to provide training and coaching services that will help clients improve performance and increase impact.

Taylor Strategic Partnerships (TSP) was founded in 2010 with a focus on nonprofit operations and philanthropic issues. Since then TSP consultants have been successful in leading both individuals and non-profit boards to recognize the benefits of rigorous governance, leadership and creative partnerships.

Our team has, collectively, over 70 years of experience in the nonprofit sector.  During this time, the scope and breadth of our involvement with organizations locally, nationally and internationally has enabled us to observe firsthand, inspiring successes but also the complex challenges and missed opportunities that diminished the sector’s efficacy.

TSP’s philosophy encompasses intentional governance practices, increased rigor of fiduciary oversight, greater accountability to the public and a concerted focus on the value and efficacy of culture and having impact. In this way, organizations can make significantly greater strides towards achieving their goals.

We believe a key to our success lies in keen observational analysis and our work with diverse demographics, which have enabled us to successfully deliver expertise and services in otherwise challenging circumstances.