Leslie Schreiber

Leslie Schreiber Taylor Strategic PartnershipsSenior Consultant - Change Management and Leadership Coaching

Leslie joined TSP in 2018 and brings deep passion about creating opportunities for professional and personal change at all levels of leadership through coaching, organizational development, and team building.

Her specialties include Organizational Development and Change Management specialist, Facilitator, Trainer, Leader, Experiential Learning, Curriculum Design and Delivery, and Adult Learning. Her unique background in Experiential Learning provides depth and quality to Adult Learning experiences.

A seasoned facilitator and trainer, she enjoys navigating group dynamics to understand the underlying cause for tension or conflict. Why are we stuck? How could our team be more productive? How can we create a healthy and vibrant culture?

Her belief is that organizations/groups are most productive when clear roles are in place, clear goals are the objective, the process can be adjusted, and people can effectively communicate with one another. Effective leadership is crucial to a group’s success and Leslie is grateful for the opportunities she has had to lead and help others lead.

Her True Colors type is Orange/ Blue which means she likes to make people feel comfortable and included while being optimistic, playful and purposeful. She uses these skills when training and coaching members of leadership.

She was recognized in 2011 with a Rising Star Award for "up and coming community members who are dedicated to their work and community." She was a founding member of the Greater Burlington Women’s Forum, a mentor for women coming out of prison and a Hostess for the Miss America Talent Show.

She is a soccer teammate, a member of local community organizations, and a volunteer as a Disaster Action Leader for the American Red Cross.